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Unique Rosary Beads

La Pieta Job's Tears roasry beads with reliquary holder crucifix and gemstone Our Father beads.

La Pieta Job's Tears roasry beads with reliquary holder crucifix and gemstone Our Father beads.

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A truly unique set of Catholic Rosary beads, made with the seeds known as Job's Tears. These are rare seeds and are extremely unique and very different, each is different in size and shape and colour. When you pray with them the colour is enriched by the natural oils in your skin, and they are extremely tactile.
Pope John Paul ll and Saint Teresa (Mother Teresa) used Rosaries made from Job's tears, you will understand why when you see how truly beautiful these Seeds actually are, as each bead is a unique in colour and shape.
A truly stunning set of Rosaries and totally unique in style and design. This Rosary stands out as a truly unique piece of spiritual art. Handmade from the finest quality materials.
You will be amazed at how gorgeous this rosary is. An ideal gift for somebody who likes something different, made with high quality materials and in a totally Unique one off design. It's a very durable Rosary and easy to pray on without tangling.

Additional medals can be added, just let me know your requests.

The Rosary will be sent in a gift box.


Crucifix: Based on an old design, sold at pilgrimage sites which were filled with the soil from the Holy sites visited. This Reliquary/Memory crucifix has a tiny screw at the base, unscrewing this will allow you to raise the back, fill it with soil from Holy sites or memories of special spiritual significance.

Centre medal: Silver La Pieta centre medal.

Hail Mary beads: 6/7/8mm Job's Tears beads with silver plated bead caps.

Our Father beads: 12mm Grey marbled gemstones with silver beads caps.

Accessories: Silver Plated spacer beads.

Length approximate: 76cm.

This is a substantial set of Rosaries, handmade with sterling silver wire loops.

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