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Our Journey...

After returning from a Pilgrimage that my husband and I took to Lourdes, we found praying the rosary a Joy and so much more satisfying than before. After many Novenas, sacrifices and every prayer you can imagine; we found that the whole family were being lead the same way, and we all started praying the rosary together as traditional Catholic families used to.

As a mother of 7 you can imagine how amazed and truly drawn to share this with others I was. From the youngest member of our family at the time in 2017, (aged 3) to the eldest of my children (age 25) we all found a way to embrace the rosary together and thus receive its graces as a family. It was not long after this family tradition began that I found myself creating the handmade rosaries that can be found here on my shop. This was initially for my children but later decided I could do the same or other people and create individual rosaries that may help encourage a deep devotion to develop.

Each one is unique and different in order to attract the attention of its rightful owner. I found that this process was so personal due to each individual liking and wanting very different things from their beads. As a career interior designer I found sourcing the right materials and creating each individual piece to be an extension of my design work and soon found myself devoting more time to this apostolate. The materials used for each and every set are carefully selected to create beads that are both versatile to fit their purpose, whilst still having an attractive appearance, feel and drawing towards prayer.

I want to share my Unique Rosary Beads with you so that you to can also enjoy praying the rosary each day as Our Blessed Lady asks us to at Fatima.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my Shop.
God Bless.
Unique Rosary Beads