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Unique Rosary Beads

Memento Mori Skull, Rosary sacramentals, Memento mori Rosary beads, Holy Souls sacramentals.

Memento Mori Skull, Rosary sacramentals, Memento mori Rosary beads, Holy Souls sacramentals.

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This is a Menento Mori, meaning 'remember that you must die.'

A 9mm skull in a Yellow Howlite style gemstone with a silver plated wire twist and a small lobster clip. This enable's you to clip it to your Rosary, or other sacramentals.

A brief outline of why Skulls are not used as a morbid symbol but quite the opposite:

The skull bead on a rosary is meant to provide a focus for contemplating one’s mortality. A memento mori rosary reminds us of our mortality and that we will one day die and stand before the Lord Jesus, our soul awaiting His judgement. Certainly, a skull rosary is not for everyone as some people may find it morbid.
The use of symbolic skulls in rosaries and chaplets dates all the way back to the late middle ages (1050 - 1500). They were particularly popular in Italy, Germany, and Mexico with priests, nuns, and monks. But, skulls on rosaries have been used for hundreds of years, and historical art and doctrine supports the use of skulls on the rosary.
The Latin phrase "Memento Mori", meaning “Remember you must die”, was influential in art and religious life dating back to Medieval Europe. It is a reminder both of our mortality and of the judgment that will follow our death. St. Teresa of Avila was know to have a skull on her rosary for this very reminder.


1 x red Skull with silver clip.

(Other sizes and colours available)

Cream skull in a Howlite gemstone style, with silver plated twisted wire.
Silver plated lobster clip.
Length approximate: 3cm.

This is a handmade wire looped Rosary, in silver plated wire.

I will send it International standard mail, not tracked and signed unless stated.

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