Our Lady of the Pillar Devotion

Our Lady of the Pillar Zaragoza
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Our Lady of the Pillar Devotional Prayer.

Heavenly Queen, Mother of all, we call upon you in this moment of deep gravity, Intercede for us in all our earthly doings.
Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour, redeemer, who died for us on the cross, may we all respond to His call, for sanctification and goodness.
We, your children, need your care and protection in this last hour.

Oh Mother, Most Pure, Most Loving, Mother of Love Eternal, watch over us, we call upon you now-in a Time of Darkness and Evil.
Our Hearts are open to your Heavenly Care, of which we need so desperately.

Our Lady of the Pilar, of Zaragoza, pray for us.


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