Saint Joseph Terror of Demons

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Prayers to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph Terror of Demons

St Joseph, terror of demons, pave the way for Mary as she paves the way for her son, Jesus Christ into the world, our families and our hearts.
Help protect us from the jezebel spirit and all demons operating in the feministic world that emasculate men.
Intercede on our behalf.
You protected Mary, your most chaste spouse and in doing so, did what Adam did not do in the garden, you protected.
Therefore, St Joseph, terror of demons, conqueror of this failure of Adam, bestow upon all fathers the grace of authentic masculinity and purity of heart so that they too can defend and protect the family.
Prepare the way for Mary in our homes as terror of demons, cause them to flee from us.
St Joseph, help cast out all demons that are preventing our hearts from being receptive so that She, who is receptivity, may pour out Her graces into our hearts and enable us to more perfectly receive, retain and share the merciful love of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

St Joseph, terror of demons, pray for and intercede for us.


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